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Demonstrations with VHD files

My current role involves more than just department and project management. it also involves pre-sales demonstrations.

Prepping for a demonstration is very time consuming and very difficuly, especially since its not my primary job function. Over time, I managed to define an approach that produces great demonstrations with minimal prep time. I am going to share this approach with you.

This approach is constantly improving and I value any feedback and recommendations you may have that can help me improve this approach.

1. Do not re-invent the wheel.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, focused on SharePoint and ASP.NET solutions.  My demonstrations are focused on showing off Microsoft products. If my pre-sale demonstration leads to a sale, my Company and Microsoft wins. Microsoft is aware of this and they want my demonstrations to Rock! If fact, it’s in there best interest to build detailed demonstrations for me, and that’s exactly what they did.

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