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The move from Technical Expert to Manager

Let me start of by explaining how things were before I became a Manager.

I worked my way to a Senior ASP.NET developer with a decent amount of SharePoint exposure; it only took me 7 years.

And in those 7 years I was usually poorly managed;

• scope was poorly defined and not managed

• no clear plan was in place or plan omitted crucial steps

• timeframes were unrealistic

• no quality checks were in place (faults were discovered during client demo's)

• clients expectations were not managed

• communications were poor

• processes were not followed

• resource allocation was poor (I once requested a .NET developer and my Manager believed he solved the problem when he got me a junior network administrator who knew a little HTML)

• poor risk management

In many cases I had reached a point where I had very little faith (or respect) for my manager that I insist that they present me with the requirements and leave me alone so I can “do my magic”, this involved me contacting the clients to clearly define…

The future of .NET starts today.

Microsoft has provide a Windows SDK for the Kinect, you can download it here

Do you know what this means? It means that it is now possible for .NET developers to create the user interface that Tom Cruise used in the Minority Report.

To be honest, this was “possible” within hours from the date the Kinect was launched as hackers immediately found a way to gather the data captured from the device and started creating very clever applications that work with gestures, sound, video feed and so on. You can view some of these app’s here Microsoft has just made it official and provided a proper SDK with training material that is supported by them.

Now we (skilled .NET developers) have the necessary skills and means to build applications that can read the “raw data” captured by the Kinect and code an appropriate action. This can be the start of the Next Wave of User Interaction and the time to grab…

SharePoint Reviews: Free Products

What a great resource of SharePoint 2007/2010/WSS 3.0/Foundation related freeware.

SharePoint Reviews: Free Products

Installing and Configuring SharePoint 2010 -- Free 125 Page User Guide, Free SharePoint2007Tips Guide

What is SharePoint? SharePoint 2010 Essential Training from

This in an excellent Video for End Users that needs to understand SharePoint.