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SharePoint 15, the BETA review

I remember the excitement when SharePoint 2010 came out, us developers and architects saw this as the solution that will resolve ALL the flaws found in SharePoint 2007.  The SharePoint 2010 demos were, well, to narrow it down to one word, seductive!  We were convinced that this would be the best product to sell, deploy, use and support. 
But SharePoint 2010 is not perfect.  Sure, it kicks 2007’s butt!  But some of the issues identified from SharePoint 2007’s time was carried over to SharePoint 2010 and some new issues were “invented” when added functionality and complexity was added.
SharePoint 2010’s approach in providing us with a web solution is already dated by about 5 years.  Remember that SharePoint may have been available to the public in 2010, but the magicians in Microsoft started designing, planning and building the solution from 2008 at the latest.  That’s when Silverlight still had a future, Social Networking has no place in the business world and the explosion of mobile…