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How to write good technical documents

Developers love to code and hate to write documents, but documents are important in IT. We need documents to define how the solution will be built so that coders who enter the scene later in the project can easily catch up.  We need operational and training manuals so the people who are looking after the solution are aided in doing it right, we also need numerous project management related documents but today, I want to focus on those documents that are more technical in nature, and somehow ends up on the coders lap, who usually has no idea how to handle this responsibility.
Firstly, let’s start off by saying that document writing is a skill; it’s a valuable skill that coders should embrace rather than avoid.  It may take you away from your comfort zone, but building this skill alone will helps you advance your career to the next level.  So give this responsibility proper attention and you will see the rewards.
But how does one write good technical documents?  Project managers tend to gi…