Training Users after deploying SharePoint 2007/2010

When deploying a SharePoint solution, the business often place most of their budget and allocated time to SharePoint Features, configuration and that strong look and feel and forget about end user training.

They understand that the assigned administrators require training to help manage and update the features available, and that type of training is usually included in the project planning – but they forget that the general, every day users may also require training, and they usually try to throw in a quick fix just before launch.

I planned to talk about the “SharePoint Learning Kit”, available from CodePlex, it’s a SharePoint e-learning site with tracking created by Microsoft that you install in your existing SharePoint farm, but there were a few things I didn’t like about this solution, mainly:

It’s not open source, meaning that I cannot edit this solution

Its uses a separate database, so I don’t see it as a true sharepoint sub-site anyways, and installation was difficult.

It was buggy, I have experienced some errors with this kit, and since the solution is not open source, it was difficult to fix.

Difficult to customise, the site has a strong Microsoft brand, its limits us in branding it for client's and since strong, consistent look is very important to clients, deploying a solution that cannot fit with the rest of the site seems very unprofessional.

But now I discovered the "Microsoft Productivity Hub", available for SharePoint 2007 and now SharePoint 2010, it is more community based and it is built to resolve all the problems I mentioned above.

The following blog post covers the Productivity Hub beautifully, thank you Muneer Natha for bringing this to my attention.


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