Only Certified AIIM Master in Africa

I have received confirmation that I am now a certified SharePoint Aiim Master, the first one (I can say only one, but I guess that depends on when you read this article) in Africa.

This is the highest certified SharePoint title available from Aiim, and this is a title I had to EARN, this isn’t a simple certificate of attendance.  After attending the four day course, I had to study and then write an online exam, pass with over 70%, and after that, I had to study a detailed case study and submit a 10 page report on it.

So yes, I worked hard for this title, made a few sacrifices, and, at the risk of sounding arrogant, deserve the right to blow my own trumpet for short while – thus this post.

So what’s so great about this title?  Well, it’s from Aiim (, a non-profit organisation that specialise in providing education, research and best practices to organisations to help them find control and optimise their information.  Aiim has been working on Enterprise Content Management for over 60 years now so when it comes to deploying SharePoint the right way.  Aiim would know how.

The course focuses on Best Practices for managing and sharing information on the SharePoint platform, it’s a non-technical course that really explains SharePoint, what it’s designed to do and really how to use the core features of SharePoint correctly.  The course then looks at best practices approaches to the typical scenarios you will encounter when deploying/maintaining a SharePoint solution.  More details on the course can be found here:

In my previous posts, I mentioned why we have a shortage of SharePoint skills, I mentioned common mistakes that occur during SharePoint deployment and I also focused on how we tend to use SharePoint incorrectly.  These posts highlight the fact that many people are deploying and using SharePoint incorrectly and there is a big need for this type of training.

As the only certified SharePoint Aiim Master in Africa, I am the only one qualified to provide this training in and around Africa (unless you are going to fly someone in from the UK or the USA).  So if you believe that this training can help you, contact me or our partner company (

UPDATE : On 5th August 2011, I have officially lost my title as the "only" SharePoint Master in SA, well done Marc Lenferna De La Motte of achieving this title as well.


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