Top “non-technical” SharePoint related links

If you have a strong interest in SharePoint, you may have subscribed to SharePoint related groups and discussions via your favorite social network (FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) and blogs.  The problem with this approach is information overload. 

The problem goes beyond information overload, I am an IT Project Manager working with SharePoint projects, and when doing research on SharePoint, I notice that many articles are just too technical for the non-technical people involved in SharePoint projects.

If you enjoy reading my blog, it may be because I try to keep the focus on SharePoint but I also try to keep the topics non-technical – I haven’t found many blogs out there that has this focus, so I understand that my audience is specific, and I understand the difficulty you have in finding relevant SharePoint content.

So, I have decided to compile a list of SharePoint related links that I believe is very interesting for non-technical people interested in SharePoint or have a non-technical involvement in a SharePoint projects.
I am expecting this list to grow over time with your input, so if you know any links that fits within this list, please pass it over and I’ll add it in (Please note that the list is in no specific order)

White Paper: Trying to decide which BI tool is best?
“Trying to decide on which Business Intelligence application is best for your business?  With all the choices available, do you know what style of BI is right for you? The white paper "How to Choose the Right Business Intelligence Technology to Suit Your Style" will help you with those questions and more.”

Video: SharePoint 2010 - Content Management System-File Sharing-Intranet Collaboration-Benefits

“Content Management System-Intranet, Collaboration, File Sharing-Intranet Collaboration-Benefits of SharePoint 2010”

Video: SharePoint Intranet Overview
“Overview of the features that a sample corporate intranet site could have using Microsoft SharePoint”

PowerPoint:  SharePoint: Truth and Fiction

Video: Signing within Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Article: 5 Steps of a Successful SharePoint Site Transformation
“Migration is not just a technical activity – it is a metamorphosis. More and more companies are beginning to understand this as they hear stories from the field, and as they learn the lessons from early migrations to SharePoint 2010.”

Article: Content Migration Tools for SharePoint
“With the release of the new version almost a year ago, SharePoint is getting day by day more popular amongst organizations. It is just a matter of time until a decision is made to migrate from an older version of SharePoint or even from a different enterprise content management (EMC). The following third-party solutions will help SharePoint Administrators to migrate or consolidate content.”

Article: Top 10 mistakes made by SharePoint 2010 administrators
“Working mainly on the administration and architecture side of SharePoint, I don't get to do a lot of development. That's not necessarily a bad thing as it means that I can be more objective when it comes to deploying solutions to SharePoint farms and making changes to our infrastructure.
However, I do like to keep an eye on the development side to help ensure that we follow best practice, and frequently come across articles detailing common mistakes made during development. I figured that I have seen - and made - a fair few "common mistakes" over the years on the infrastructure side that might be helpful for those new (and perhaps not so new) to SharePoint administration.”

Article: SharePoint Online for Office 365: Developer Guide

“Use the SharePoint Online for Office 365 Developer Guide to gain knowledge and understanding of SharePoint Online within Microsoft Office 365, and the rich features available to developers and designers.”

Video: Coffee Talk Guest Segment Featuring Laura Rogers On InfoPath Form Building And SharePoint

“In this special guest segment of Coffee Talk we were joined by Microsoft MVP Laura Rogers. Laura takes us though creating Infopath forms that dynamically build as they go through a workflow. Great example how the combined power of InfoPath and SharePoint, combined with some out of the box thinking, can really supercharge your capability delivery in SharePoint with no code.”

If you found many of these links interesting, then subscribe to my twitter feed (nadirkamdar) all these links and many more are mentioned there and if you like this non-technical summary approach, let me know and I'll provide you with a list 3 or 4 times a year.


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